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Folding cooler chairs for tailgating, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, beach, outdoor sporting events - football, baseball, soccer .....

Personalized Cooler Chairs are great gifts for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. A cooler chair combo is a folding chair with a built in cooler.  
An insulated cooler chair for tailgating with your friends at a ball game lets you sit around and just reach down for your soft drink, beer, water or whatever beverage you want to enjoy.
The cooler chair gives you a seat without having to haul around a drink cooler. Less things to pack and carry.
A folding chair with a cooler is the perfect camping chair for sitting along the river or around a campfire. Got your place to sit and  a portable cooler chair for the outdoors. 
When you go hiking and need to take a break, a folding cooler chair is just what you need to stop and rest and have a cool drink or snack. A good gift for hikers is the backpack cooler chair.  It is a combination chair, backpack and insulated tote.  The cooler chair backpack is made of heavy duty material, folds flat for easy storage, has adjustable padded carrying straps and has zippered compartments to carry other things you need for your hiking trip.
Need a good gift for a hunter .. you can buy a camouflage cooler chair.  The camo cooler chair will blend in with the woods and not scare away any deer or other wild animals they are hunting for.
Need a beach chair with a cooler no problem.  Take folding cooler chairs to the beach and enjoy your sunny day.
Need a unique gift? Get your cooler chair personalized.  Get a cooler chair with initials monogrammed or a cooler chair with name embroidered on it in your choice of thread colors. Custom cooler chairs are great gifts for men or women. Consider giving a chair cooler combo for a christmas gift, birthday gift, father's day gift, mother's day gift, valentines day gift, anniversary gift, bridesmaid gift, groomsmen gift or any special occasion. 
A good fishing gift is the sit n fish cooler & chair. This is a practical gift for fishermen like your dad, husband or grandpa.  Lightweight and portable it is perfect for keeping the bait or drinks cool while they fish.  It is small and collapsible.  It is compact in size but the insulated cooler is able to hold up to 24 cans.  It has a durable metal frame, has a padded seat and can hold the weight of a 200 lb. person.
The exclusive sit and fish bucket cooler is not only a cooler but a portable seat as well.  It has a hard plastic outer shell with a removable syrofoam cooler and a dry area for food
Add two lines of personalization and select one of three fish images (bass, walleye or muskie)
For parents who go to spectator sports like the kids soccer games, baseball games the backback chair with the cooler is good for sitting because the cooler chair with a back will be comfortable for sitting for long periods of time or the length of a sports game.  These come with insulated pouches for snacks and drinks and have additional pockets for car keys, glasses etc. The picnic plus stadium seat backpack with insulated cooler are great to take along to games at a staduim.  These can be used for indoor or outdoor school sporting events and concerts. It easily converts from a comfortable backpack to a stadium seat with built-in cooler. The cooler chair folds flat.
For sports fans, there are over 200 bongo coolers with pro and college team logo images on the lid.  It is a 12 quart collapsible cooler strong enough to use as a seat.  Great for the park, beach, concert or road trips. Cooler is fully insulated with a removable water resistant liner that will keep your food and drinks  hot or cold.  The cooler's padded lid doubles as a comfortable seat cushion.
The can coolers by picnic time are a hard sided replica of a beverage can.  You can sit on these coolers at parties and use for tailgating.  Big selection of professional and college team logos.  The mega can coolers are extra large (5 gallon size) and also is a sports team theme cooler chair seat.  The bongo cooler and can coolers have free shipping so order today.
Another sports fan cooler in a chair are the cooler quad tailgate chairs. These are oversized chairs with padding for extra comfort. They feature your favorite team and have a cooler built in the armrest. These are coleman coolers.  The cooler chairs have a 300 pound weight capacity.  The armrest cooler holds up to 4 cans.  The chair has a built in mesh cup holder and hanging storage pocket.  They come in a team logo carry case and will be shipped free.
We also have the embroidered sports chair that is the ultimate spectator chair with an extra wide seat with padding, insulated beverage pouch and a side table that folds out.  Ships free.
The one of a kind design fusion chairs have a detachable cooler bag, a fold out table with shelves and ribbed padding for comfort.  This one is for the big guys with a maxium weight of 350 lbs.  This portable outdoor chair is meant to last. Both the cooler sports chair and fusion chairs have a big selection of college and pro team logos to pick from.
So, why not buy mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, bridesmaid, groomsman or anyone who enjoys the outdoors a personalized cooler chair or sports team tailgate cooler chair.

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